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About Us

How the Cage Gage came to be...

The concept for the Cage Gage came to be during the middle of a challenging roll cage build. “It sure would be nice if we could make a template to test fit bar placement. Does anyone make a tool that can make a real template?”

Much to our surprise, the answer was no!

The Cage Gage was born - a tool to help racers and fabricators easily layout and build custom roll cages with less headaches and less waste. "What is the exact angle I need for the front down bar? How will the main hoop look if placed here? How will this door bar fit?" Custom cage building can be a challenging endeavor! The Cage Gage helps eliminate the guess work - it can be used to simply help find an angle or to create a true 1:1 template of a section of cage. 

The first Cage Gage prototypes:

Cage Gage, LLC was started by David Castello. An avid racer and fabricator, David has been involved with various forms of motorsports from an early age. Starting with 4 cylinder pure stocks and moving into mini-stocks and open wheel modifieds, David has spent many years racing around various short tracks in Central Florida. Most recently, David's racing ventures have expanded into the arena of budget endurace road racing, racing with friends at some of the most well known racing facilities in North America.

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