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The Cage Gage
Cage Gage usage example
Cage Gage shown without extra pipes
Cage Gage example
Cage Gage with pipes
The Cage Gage logo
Welcome to - The Cage Gage is the roll cage fabrication tool for the DIY Cage builder!
  • Design & layout roll cage tube placement

  • Create accurate templates & eliminate the guess work

  • Reduce scrap

  • Model FOUR different bend radii with ONE tool

The Cage Gage

Get Yours Today!

Whether it's a roll cage build for a circle track or road race car, drag car, ATV, mud truck or rock crawler, the Cage Gage will help make your build easier! 

The Cage Gage will speed up your design time, reduce your guess work, and most importantly the Cage Gage will help you reduce your scrap and waste - DOM tubing costs anywhere between $4.75 and $6 per foot (more for specialty materials like chrome moly!), a scrapped main hoop or door bar adds up fast.

What really separates the Cage Gage from any other angle finder or protractor tool on the market is your ability to use the Cage Gage to duplicate and model actual bends and sections of your roll cage for exact fitment before you ever bend a piece of steel roll cage tubing. PVC is very cost effective – one 10' length of PVC is enough to model just about anything you want when building a roll cage. So instead of guessing or using trial and error, you will actually have a well laid plan for your build.


The main components of the Cage Gage are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum here in the USA, the range of motion is 100 degrees and it's engraved from zero to 100 in 2 degree increments, and we also added the 45 degree mark. We also engraved a handy little cheat-sheet on the arm so you can calculate the length of tubing you need to make the bend.


Another neat feature we designed into the Cage Gage is the ability to use it with the FOUR most popular bend radius dies! Model a 5", 5-1/2”, 6", or a 6-1/2” bend radius with only buying ONE tool. 


Check out our YouTube video for a quick overview of the Cage Gage – we also walk though the steps of using the Cage Gage to fabricate a door bar for our race car project.

Instructions are available for your Cage Gage. The download below will give you an overview of the Cage Gage and basic user manual. The file is PDF and you will need a viewer (similar to Adobe Acrobat) to view the file.

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